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Squarehead Studio is a tracking and mixing studio based in rural Kent.

As well as working directly with bands we offer favourable rates to freelance engineers and studio-savvy musicians looking to; experiment, create, and make great recordings.

Owned and operated by a trio of musician/engineers/amigos, Kristofer Harris, Robert Charles Wilks and James Simpson, who each share a blind commitment to the same principle; be involved with the making of great sounding records.

The studio came from a need for somewhere comfortable to focus on the pleasure of making music, resulting in rooms of interest and character - filled with an ever-growing collection of equipment and instruments:

Located in the Kent country side of Newington within easy reach of London. At a price that independent artists and labels can afford, Squarehead offers a creative environment along with staff able to provide the fundamental expertise and enthusiasm to record and mix a wide range of projects.

We are here to help:

The Studio

The studio is centered around a TL Audio VTC32 valve console combined with a Pro Tools HD Workstation, complimented by our carefully selected collection of analogue outboard gear, microphones, and instruments. At Squarehead, we draw on the sounds of vintage analogue recording equipment without overlooking the flexibility that computer recording systems allow in the creation of music.


- TL Audio VTC32 Valve Recording Console;
- 32 inputs with EQ
- Pro Tools 11 HD Native 32 in & out
- (3x Digidesign 192)
- Apple Mac Pro 8 Core (2.8GHz/24Gb RAM/SSD)


- Chandler Ltd Germanium mic preamp (x2)
- Neve 1073 DPA mic preamp (x2)
- Focusrite ISA215 vintage mic preamp + EQ (x2)
- Audient ASP008 microphone preamp (x8)
- Manley ELOP stereo valve compressor
- Neve 33609 stereo limiter/compressor
- Universal Audio 1176 limiter/compressor
- Shadow Hills Optograph
- VSI Tube 500 series LA2 Style Compressor (x2)
- DBX 160VU compressor (x2)
- Valley People Dyna-Mite compressor (x2)
- Shure Level-Loc


- Focal Twin 6be
- Yamaha NS10M (Quad 405 amp)
- Quested S7 near-field monitors
- Avantone MixCube
- Hear Back Personal Monitor System (x4)
- Beyer DT150/DT100 headphones (x6)


- STC ‘The original 50’s Coles’ 4038 (x3 on request)
- STC 4033
- Beyer M160 ribbon (x2)
- Reslo RBT/H Ribbon (x2)

- Neumann U87 1970’s (x2)
- Peluso 2247SE ‘Valve U47 clone’
- AKG C414 (x2)
- AKG C451 (x2)
- Little Blondie (x2)

- AKG D112
- Beyer M201 (x2)
- Electro-Voice RE20 (x2)
- Sennheiser MD421 (x2)
- Shure SM7b
- Shure 57’s 58’s and BETA (many)


- 1892 Bechstein model 9 (IV) 85 note, Overstrung upright Piano.
- Jennings Univox J6 50’s Valve Synth
- Schoenhut toy piano
- Yamaha P-90 stage piano
- J.Busilacchio Electric Reed Organ

- Fender American Precision bass
- Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
- Gibson 137 Custom
- Gibson Les Paul
- Ibanez PJM500
- Mandolin
- 5 String Banjo
- Various Acoustics

Loud things:
- Fender Super Sonic 1x12
- Fender Hot Rod DeVille guitar amp
- Fender Twin Reverb II (1983 Rivera design)
- Selmer Treble and Bass 50w head
- Orange Tiny Terror
- Orange AD30
- Orange 2x12 closed back cab
- Peavy Deuce 2x12 (Valve Combo)

Hittable things:
- Mapex Maple Drum kit (Bass Drum 22×18, Toms 8, 10, 14)
- Mapex Birch Drum kit (Bass Drum 22×16, Toms 10, 12, 16)
- Premier 36x6 Orchestral Bass Drum
- Premier Academy Timpani x2
- DW Brass Snare14x5
- DW Maple Snare14x6.5
- Premier 14x14 Marching Snare
- Sonor 10x2 Jungle Snare

Fx Pedals/Boxes:
- We have tonnes of these on offer, just ask!


Artists • Labels • Producers

7 Day Conspiracy
A Girl Called Ruth
Arthur Gun
Bears Den
Cha Cha
Charlie Barnes
Cocos Lovers
The Commited
David Ellis
Dead Bears
The Doctorates
Get Inuit
High Safari
Internal Skars
Joe Banfi
John Joseph Brill
Los Salvadores
Love Family

Matthew and The Atlas
Morpheus Rising
Nik Lloyd
Nike Jemiyo
Orlando Seale and the Swell
The Parade
Polka Party
Sea Of Bees
Smoke Fairies
Story Books
The Suggestions
Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band
Two Bit Sister
We Are Dust

Faith and Hope
Full Time Hobby
Global Talent
Heavenly Records
Hydrogen Dukebox
MOJO magazine
Paperhouse Music
Rough Trade

Jack Tarrant
James Simpson
Jamie T
Kristofer Harris
Kevin Jones

Where Are We?

Unit 4, Newington Enterprise Centre
Wardwell Lane

Location and Parking:
Squarehead Studio is situated in the village of Newington in Kent, on the outskirts of the Medway towns, just off the A2 and is a 10 minute stroll from Newington train station.

Free and secure off-road parking is available directly outside the studio doors – nice and simple.

Get In Touch

Simply talking about recording is enough to get us excited! So let us know what you're thinking - please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Comments or questions are welcome.

All enquiries:

Studio Voicemail: 01795 844178

Our Rates

Send us an email or leave us a voicemail for rates & availability.

24 hour lockout is also available.